Cecilia Cotton named among winners of Faculty of Mathematics 2021 Awards for Distinction in Teaching

Monday, August 23, 2021

Cecilia Cotton
Cecilia Cotton from the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences has been named a winner of this year’s Awards for Distinction in Teaching from the Faculty of Mathematics.

The annual teaching award goes to faculty members who have consistently demonstrated outstanding pedagogical skills and a deep commitment to students. The winners are honoured by a public citation along with a cash prize.

The award announcement was made by Brian Forrest, the Faculty of Mathematics teaching fellow.

“The Faculty of Mathematics is very interested in enhancing student success in the classroom,” said Forrest. “In particular, we want to improve teaching across the faculty. One aspect of this process is to recognize those individuals who are highly effective in the classroom and who put forth extra effort into their teaching on behalf of their students.”

One of this year’s two award winners, Cotton is an associate professor in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences. Her research focuses on biostatistics and on data in public health. Cotton regularly participates in teaching and learning initiatives and supports new faculty members in their pedagogy.

Asked about Cotton’s candidacy for the teaching award, Forrest said that she is “an outstanding educator who has had great success teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her students see her as an inspiring teacher who delivers highly engaging lectures, and as someone who is always available to help her students succeed. Cecilia has also established herself as a true leader in matters concerning teaching in both her department and at the faculty level.”

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