New Springer Book by Changbao Wu and Mary Thompson

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Thompson & Wu
Professors Changbao Wu and Mary Thompson, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science at the University of Waterloo, have a new book entitled “Sampling Theory and Practice” published by Springer.

The book was initially conceived from the authors’ lecture materials for STAT 454/854 (Sampling Theory and Practice) but has grown into a more ambitious research project in recent years. It attempts to achieve three major goals in one package:

  1. A concise introduction to basic sampling theory and methods;
  2. A detailed coverage of selected topics that reflect the current state of the art in survey methodology research;
  3. A useful resource and pragmatic guide to survey design and implementation as well as survey data production and analysis.

Sampling Theory and Practice
On the publisher’s website, the book is described as to “provide rich materials for teaching, research and practice in survey sampling; include ample exercise problems to facilitate teaching and learning; integrate R packages that cover the book’s topics for easy implementation; bridge the gap between survey data analysis and statistical methods in other fields; and serve as a monograph for researchers and practitioners, and a textbook for upper-level undergraduates or graduate students”.

The book is currently available on the Springer website

Further inquiries on the book should be directed to Professor Changbao Wu or Professor Mary Thompson