Students shine at the first Waterloo Student Conference in Statistics, Actuarial Science, and Finance

Thursday, October 24, 2019

On Friday October 18 and Saturday October 19, 2019 the first Waterloo Student Conference in Statistics, Actuarial Science, and Finance took place.  While this event was hosted by the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, it was the students who brought it to life.  This two-day conference was organized by students, for students.

The agenda for the conference featured keynote presentations by leading researchers, Xiao-Li Meng (Harvard University), Sebastian Jaimungal (University of Toronto), and Mary Thompson (University of Waterloo), as well as 40 research presentations by students from a variety of universities. 

The conference also included presentation awards for the two most outstanding talks in each field:

In the fields of Actuarial Science and Finance, the winners were:

  • Xiyue Han (University of Waterloo) for the talk: On the Extrema of Functions in the Takagi Class
  • Francois Micheal Boire (University of Western) for the talk: Distributional Response to Fiscal Stimulus

In the fields of Statistics and Biostatisics, the winners were:

  • Christopher Salahub (University of Waterloo) for the talk: Seen to Be Done: A Graphical Investigation of Peremptory Challenge
  • Gabriela Gonzalez Martinez (York University) for the talk: Bandwidth selection for the effective dose problem

To view information on other talks presented at the conference, including abstracts, please view the conference program.