Sustainability Feature: Share Your Story 

Monday, July 26, 2021
by Pia Poblete

We generate an extensive amount of waste in and around our households. Rather than purchasing new or tossing unwanted materials into the garbage, consider repurposing items and giving them a second life! In the past few months, the Green Office ambassadors have shared their sustainability projects executed at home to inspire others that their trash can also transform into treasures.<--break-> 

A string bracelet

A “string” bracelet: This idea was crafted by Laura Z, a CEL staff member, who strung together donated guitar strings from Long & McQuade in the Region of Waterloo. Guitar strings are often forgotten and disposed of instantly after use. However, as seen by Laura, there are several alternatives to reduce guitar string waste. Check out this resource to learn 5 ways to reuse old guitar strings, such as by hanging pictures, cutting cheese, and more.  

A water table

A water table: Another submission by Laura Z. Using wood from a previous swing set, Laura constructed an outdoor water table. She also repurposed an old water jug and filled it with rain barrel water. This is a brilliant outdoor idea to store supplies and water-related activities for families to enjoy!  

A Christmas Staple

A Christmas staple: This beautiful centrepiece was crafted using an old window, lights, and previously owned ornaments. It’s a sweet addition to the Christmas décor.  


The Sustainability Office is truly impressed with the dedication of its members towards sustainability, upcycling, and DIYs. We encourage you to incorporate these ideas and practices with all your unwanted household objects. By doing so, you are ensuring that no item goes to waste. Remember that with a little creativity and inspiration, you too can create a personalized treasure at home.  

Have DIY projects or upcycled crafts that you’d like to share with the Sustainable Office? Tell us more about it on our social media (@uwsustainable).