WAT's Sustainable Episode 04: WAT is Earth Day?

Thursday, April 22, 2021
by Jenna Phillips

WAT's Sustainable, Waterloo? Welcome to the official Sustainability Office's official podcast: WAT's Sustainable?

Happy Earth Day! On Episode 04 of the podcast, we answer the question: WAT is Earth Day? We go through the history of this international event and it's current scale, what it aims to achieve, some of the criticisms you may hear and ways that you can celebrate Earth Day virtually this year.

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Ways to celebrate Earth Day this year

  • Get outside
  • Volunteer and/or join a student club
  • Save electricity by turning off lights/appliances when not in use
  • Plant pollinator-friendly plants
  • Only run dishwasher + laundry with full loads at off-peak times
  • Donate (money, items or time) to a local charity/organization

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