Speed Networking with Youth Climate Changemaker

Thursday, November 25, 2021 12:00 pm - 12:00 pm EST (GMT -05:00)

Join the Sustainability Office for the Speed Networking Session with Youth Climate Changemakers! One of our many wonderful events that focus on Youth Leading the Way for Climate Action for the 2021 Eco Summit!

Climate change is here, and it is young people who will face the worst impacts. Young people all over the world have begun to fight back, create movements and motivate generations by demanding greater action to fight climate change. Now millions are marching, advocating to demonstrate their support and create change.  

UW has shown that we play a critical role in support students and alumni youth changemakers in Climate Action by creating an environment which fosters support and innovation. The goal of the 2021 Eco Summit is to showcase UW initiatives and highlight students and alumni climate changemakers to motivate  UW Warriors. 

This Speed Networking will bring together young people to meet with one another, learn from their experiences and discuss how they can apart of the solution.

The Sustainability Office have invited Networking Guests that are also young people to share their thoughts and expereinces with UW Warriors.




Jenna Phillips (she/her)

WUSA Sustainability Commissioner

Jenna is in her fourth year in the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability. After spending three co-op terms working at the Sustainability Office, she now works as the Sustainability Commissioner for the university, advocating for sustainability-oriented decision making within campus operations and student life.


Valentina Castillo Cifuentes (she/her)

Program Coordinator, Youth & Innovation Project

Valentina is the Program Coordinator of the Youth & Innovation Project at the University of Waterloo. Through the YouthInn’s research agenda, Valentina works to ensure that young people are meaningfully engaged in their communities and organizations to make social, economic and environmental impact.


Chúk Odenigbo (il/lui)

Directeur fondateur de Future Ancestors Services

Proudly Franco-Albertan, Chúk’s passion lies in the interactions between culture, health and the environment. Chúk is your typical urbanite, in love with technology and fashion, all the while retaining a connection with nature and integrating green and blue spaces into his everyday. His vision is to reconnect humanity with nature in a way that accommodates modernity, sparking that green revolution without decimation of the present.


Navya Vikraman Nair (she/her)

PhD Student, SEED, Faculty of Environment; Vice-Chair Outreach, Students of the Water Institute, Graduate Section (SWIGS) & Green Residence Ambassador, Sustainability Office

My current research focuses on the water quality analysis and small-scale fisheries. I hold a Master of Technology in Environmental Engineering and Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering. I have experience of working over a year as SRF at ICAR-Indian Institute of Water Management for microbiological filter development and at EDF on Delhi air pollution repository establishment. My research interests broadly include water quality analysis, wastewater treatment, coastal fisheries, microbial fuel cell and bio-energy generation.


Darlene Coyle (she/her)           

Environmental policy and planning Intern at Watersheds Canada

Darlene has an array of experience engaging with community stakeholders and sharing her passion for protecting and restoring Canada’s freshwater resources. In pursuit of her life goal to do a TedTalk, she has presented at many events and conferences. Most recently, she presented at the 28th Annual River Symposium where she discussed the importance of natural shorelines in protecting water quality and common shoreline development issues. Through these presentations, she hopes to inspire her peers to collaborate and make a difference in the realm of sustainability.


Truzaar Dordi (he/him)

Doctoral Candidate and Vice President of the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics

Truzaar Dordi is a Doctoral Candidate in the School of Environment, Enterprise, and Development at the University of Waterloo, the Vice President of the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics. His research examines financial system stability along a low-carbon transition.


Sofia Slater (she/her)

Undergraduate changemaker

Sofia is passionate about environmental sustainability and showing people that everyone has the ability to make a positive impact on the planet. She was the lead youth organizer for the KW climate strikes in 2019. She has worked since she was 12 to reduce and divert waste at her community mosque. She loves introducing people to the power of the outdoors when it comes to inspiring people to want to protect the planet.