Sustainability Certificate

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  • By 2020, Waterloo broadly distributes timely and audience-relevant information about sustainability initiatives and opportunities within the campus community

Supporting SDGs

 SDG 4 

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Waterloo's Sustainability Office, in collaboration with Organizational and Human Development, is excited to offer a free Sustainability Certificate for employees of the University. The certificate builds upon the University's Environmental Sustainability Strategy's goal of embedding sustainability actions into campus culture. It recognizes that all employees will have a role to play in building a sustainable campus.


Solar pannels on EV3In March 2022, the Sustainability Office launched their new and tailored sessions offered to departments. The Department offering is a paired down version from the previous certificate that allows teams to build sustainability skills and explore tailored opportunities for their departments.

At the end of the certificate, employees and departments will:

  • Have a basic understanding of key local and global sustainability issues, as well as efforts underway to address them
  • Become familiar with the University’s sustainability objectives, contributions to global challenges, and connections to the Strategic Plan
  • Understand tools and resources to integrate sustainability into everyday actions on campus and at home
  • Identify the relevance of sustainability for their home department
  • Both departments and employees will obtain a Sustainability Certificate.


To receive the certificate, an employee must:

  • Complete two sessions of SUS 101 - Sustainability Fundemental
    • Part 1: Sustainability Issues
    • Part 2: Waterloo & You
  • Come to all session having read the pre-reads and be ready to engage with colleagues
  • Complete the short multiple choice quizzes after the final session (5 minutes each)



Individual Registration

Each term, the Sustainability Office will offer the Sustainability Certificate for any employee at Waterloo. All are welcome to attend each session.

Employees can register for upcoming offerings through Workday by searching for the course code, SUS101. Next offering is in July, don't wait to sign up!

Department Registration

The Sustainability Office is keen on supporting departments. We are happy to tailor each offering to better suit your departments schedules and commitments.

If you are interested in taking the Sustainability Certificate and would like involve your department, reach out to the

Independent Sustainability Courses

The Sustainability Office is offering synchronous sessions for additional learning on specific sustainability-focused topics, including food, waste, transportation, climate change, and biodiversity.Registration is available through Workday. These no longer have any pre-requisites. Course descriptions can be found below. 

Independent learning: LEARN

FruitSessions can also be completed independently through a new course offering on LEARN. The content is the same, but learners will complete in-course activities, quizzes, and reflections in the place of group discussions and activities.

To register, login to your LEARN account and search for the Sustainability Certificate under Self-Registration. Employee completion records will be migrated over to Workday upon completion of the final module.

Note: Employees can choose the group learning OR independent learning stream, but cannot mix and match courses from the two streams at this time.

Please note that the Sustainability Office is working on updating the LEARN offering. The new version of the LEARN Certificate will be updated May 25.

SUS 101 - Sustainability Fundementals Session descriptions

Independent Sustainability Courses Descriptions