Bike Month 2017 at UWaterloo

Friday, July 14, 2017

June was Bike Month across Waterloo Region! In partnership with TravelWise, the Sustainability Office challenged cyclists to different activities and tasks throughout the month to promote the use of active transportation to campus and celebrate those who have committed to cycling.

In total, Waterloo engaged over 900 people throughout the course of the month in various activities. Bike Challenge 2017 kicked off the month where cyclists were challenged to log their bike trips, take a bike photo or share their bike story. The first event saw the Sustainability Offices of Wilfrid Laurier and Waterloo join forces to host a group bike ride to Waterloo Park to enjoy a frozen treat.

To celebrate those who help reduce our campus’ carbon footprint, the Sustainability Office and TravelWise tagged over 750 bikes on campus with “thank-you” notes.

Bike tag that says "thanks for not being two-tired to bike today!"

The main event, Bike Day, was held on June 21st where several local groups came out and hosted booths. In addition, there was a bike breakfast for those who cycled to campus for work or school!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the stats for Bike Month:

  • 1st Place on the community Bike Month Leaderboard! Check out the region-wide leaderboard to see all the stats.
  • 900+ individuals engaged throughout the month of June
  • 130 individuals stopped by Bike Day
  • 692 total points earned in Bike Challenge 2017
  • 27 individuals participated in logging their bike trips
  • 750+ Bike tags were placed on bikes across the Waterloo Campus
  • Community leaderboard for Bike Month 2017 that shows the University of Waterloo in first place with 692 points

We also had a draw for six prizes for those who participated in the Bike Challenge by logging their bikes on GoTravelWise. Here are the 2017 Bike Challenge draw winners:

  • $50 gift card to Retail Services – Anna Beard
  • $50 gift card to Retail Services – Ally N
  • $100 gift card to MEC – Keith Peck
  • Bike gear basket – Jackie Kormylo
  • Bike gear basket – Andrew Ward
  • $150 gift card to King Street Cycles – Sylvia Hook

Thanks again to our volunteers and participants from Bike Month 2017!

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