Facilitating conversation around Waterloo Region's energy future

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

On April 18th, the University of Waterloo and the Kitchener Public Library, in association with Power Shift Waterloo Region, hosted its Public Lecture: Transforming Energy in Waterloo Region. There were over 140 people who filled up the auditorium to hear what the future holds for sustainability and energy in the Region.

Audience listening to speakers at the Public Lecture

Power Shift is an initiative that is aimed at facilitating discussion around energy use and conservation within the Region of Waterloo. The Public Lecture focused on looking at the big shifts that residents in the Region can expect to see within the next few decades to address the challenges we face with energy and climate change.

Three experts in the field of energy and sustainability spoke to this topic from a variety of perspectives.

Jatin Nathwani, Executive Director of the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy, shared his thoughts about the core technological developments that were driving change throughout the electricity sector. Heather Douglas, Waterloo Chair in Science and Policy, described some of the local discussions that have been occurring within the Region to brainstorm the pathways to a low-carbon energy system. Sarah Burch, Canada Research Chair in Sustainability Governance and Innovation also added insight to the broad mix of social, behavioural, and policy questions that swirl around the idea of transitions to a sustainable energy system.

A special thanks to Mike Farwell, from Rogers Radio Group, for moderating the evening's discussion, and to the Kitchener Public Library for hosting.

At the end of the evening, several audience members had the opportunity to ask questions to the panel to further investigate the possibility of renewables and affordable energy for years to come.

For more information about the Region-wide campaign, please visit the Power Shift website.