Increasing Energy Literacy with the Green Office Energy Challenge

Monday, April 24, 2017

Lunch and learn for the green office energy challenge

From March 30th until April 21st, the Office of Sustainability hosted the Green Office Energy Challenge for all green offices across campus to participate.

In total, we saw 21 offices take part in this challenge, which tested participants’ energy knowledge, application, and awareness throughout the course of each week.

The challenge was broken down into four different tasks, and here are some of the highlights!

  1. The first week, the Sustainability Office hosted a Lunch and Learn, which had 18 offices represented.
  2. The following week, over 250 members from all green offices completed a quiz to test their energy knowledge at home and at the office.
  3. The third task required green office members to measure different energy devices around their offices to evaluate their energy consumption on a weekly basis. In total, there were 114 pieces of equipment that were measured.
  4. Lastly, we finished off the week with an Energy Treasure Hunt, which resulted in over 30 target areas being identified for energy improvements!

From each week points were calculated based on participation, and bonus points were allocated if unique ideas were found. The winners for the Green Office Energy Challenge included one top office from a small, medium, and large sized office. Here are the winners:

  • Small Office – The Water Institute
  • Medium Office – WatPD and WatCACE
  • Large Office – Dean of Engineering

Thanks to all of the offices who participated in the Green Office Energy Challenge. If your office is interested in participating in the Green Office Program, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or visit the Green Office page.