Waterloo Receives Stormwater Management Award

Monday, November 16, 2015

On Thursday, November 12th, The University of Waterloo was the recipient of the Stormwater Management Community Engagement award, presented by REEP Green Solutions.

RAIN LogoThe award is meant to recognize the University's efforts at developing stormwater management infrastructure on campus, but also reflects on the organization's strengths in educating about stormwater management and involving students in the process.  The award was presented at REEP's annual Celebrating Community Action event.

Some highlights of Waterloo's stormwater management include:

  • 5 Green Roofs across campus that help retain water
  • 3 permeable pavement installations to help water infiltrate and prevent runoff.  The Sustainable Campus Initiative student group led the installation of one of these projects.
  • Greywater system on Environment 3 recycles rooftop water through an underground system and pumps it back into the building to water the green wall and flush toilets.
  • Waterloo students have been actively involved in the design and ongoing maintenance of the Arts-Environment Gardens, which include drought tolerant local plants that help absorb water.
  • Waterloo holds multiple courses on stormwater management and urban stormwater systems, and has a large academic focus on water-related issues.
  • The University supports storm ponds, swales, and other stormwater tools in its development of the North Campus.
  • The grounds team has re-naturalized much of the Laurel Creek shoreline to decrease erosion.

Waterloo was also nominated for REEP's Stormwater Management Innovation award.

Constructed wetlands next to Environment 3