Working together at Eco Summit 2022

Monday, December 5, 2022

On November 23rd, more than 110 people joined us at Fed Hall for an afternoon of celebration, networking, and community building at our 9th annual Eco Summit. The theme of this year’s Eco Summit was ‘What Can We Do’, placing the focus on how we can work together towards sustainability.  

The event kicked off with the launch of the 2022 Environmental Sustainability Report, including a high-level summary of progress over the last year.  

Our student and employee panelists shared valuable insights on how they’ve connected sustainability to their work and studies on campus. They also highlighted what support is needed from others to push even further. 

We were thrilled to have 15 campus partners contribute to posterboards to showcase their work, and enjoyed seeing so many conversations and connections happening during the networking sessions. 

Finally, our Green Office and Green Labs Ambassadors, as well as Living Planet Leaders, were recognized at Eco Summit. The Sustainability Office is proud of the progress that’s been made in these programs and looks forward to expanding these initiatives over the next few years.  

President Goel provided closing remarks that highlighted the importance of working together to achieve our shared sustainable future. The key takeaway was that we all have a role to play in meeting our campus sustainability goals, and we can leverage our skills, interests, and abilities to determine what that looks like for each of us. The event culminated with a visioning activity that encouraged attendees to reflect on their contributions to campus sustainability efforts. We look forward to continuing these conversations in 2023.