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Apply to Waterloo Unlimited

We know that there's more to you than just grades. The Unlimited application is your chance to introduce yourself and to give us a sense of who you are in addition to "a high school student."

We accept 45-55 students per program. We receive more excellent applications than we have openings. Regretfully, we cannot accept all applicants.

Application Forms

Application Deadlines

Everyone fills out:

  • Contact Information
  • Academic Profile: complete form and ask a school official to sign it
  • Teacher Reference: invite a principal, teacher, or guidance counsellor who knows you well to be your reference

New students also send:

  • A thoughtful and articulate personal essay
    • First, explore our four “cornerstones” (Transdisciplinarity, Intrinsic Motivation, Self-Enrichment and Community) and learn about the guiding philosophy behind Waterloo Unlimited.
    • Now, select one cornerstone and in an informal, passionate, thoughtful, and articulate essay show us how that cornerstone is relevant to your life experiences.
  • Extracurricular profile: We’d like to know more about you and what you do when you’re not in the classroom.
    • Showcase your extracurricular activities of the last two years;
    • provide details about your involvement; include engagement with and contributions to your family, community and public good through your volunteer work, part-time/summer jobs, sports, clubs, hobbies, creative pursuits, and any significant awards you've earned. (HINT: present your profile in a more creative way than a simple list)

Returning students also send:

Note: Returning students are selected alongside new applicants in a competitive application process.

  • A thoughtful and articulate personal essay
    • Tell us why you want to participate in Waterloo Unlimited again; and
    • tell us about your interests and how you’ve built upon each of the four “cornerstones”.

Bursary support for students in financial need

Limited bursary support is available for students in financial need up to a maximum of half the program fees per student.

To be considered for a bursary, submit the bursary support application (PDF) with your program application by the program deadline. If you are offered a place in the Waterloo Unlimited program and have demonstrated need for financial support, we will let you know the bursary amount with your program acceptance e-mail.