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Grade 10 | Theme of 'Change'

May 14 - 18, 2017 | 5- day program

We live in the midst of change: technological change, social change, political change, environmental change. How do we adapt, or not adapt... and what are the consequences?

We will consider the perspectives of scientists, engineers, writers, and philosophers, as they examine the dynamics of “Change”. We might look at changes in health care or changes in demographics. Another talk might explore mathematics as a way to describe change. In addition, we may look at how literature articulates this theme through character development. Then there is the consideration of how change may happen: revolutionary change or gradual evolution. What are the effects of change? Climate change, biological mutations, the changing role of women in various societies. Through lectures, small group workshops, and skills sessions, you'll explore the commonalities and differences in change across disciplines leading to the integration of knowledge.

Here is a sample "Change" schedule.

  • Program fee: $550 (includes meals and HST)
  • Supervised, shared residence accommodation*: $180 (includes HST)
  • Application Deadline: Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

*Residence accommodation is available for both local and out-of-town students.

Limited bursary support is available for students in financial need.