This hydraulic press has the capacity for hot forming and warm forming operations of steel and aluminum. It is constructed with a primary 600 ton punch, with an independent 300 ton binder. The two slides can be coupled for a combined pressing capacity of 900 ton. A third cushion slide with 150 ton capacity is also available which acts from beneath the press. The press controller also consists of 16 independently controlled heating zones for the in-die heating systems.


  • 600 ton punch & 300 ton blank holder (900 ton combined), 150 ton cushion
  • Punch Slide: 48” x 36”, stroke 36”,shut height 12”
  • Blank holder Slide: 72” x 48”,stroke 24”,shut height 12”
  • Bolster size 72”x48”
  • Precision position and load control
  • 16 bit 32 Channel 1000 kHz DAQ
  • Forming speeds: 1,200 in/min fast advance, 3-150 in/min at 600 tons
  • Warm gas bulge forming at up to 650° C
  • Capacity for 16 independently controlled heating zones
  • 1000° C furnace for hot stamping processes

hydraulic press

900 Ton Hydraulic Press facility at the University of Waterloo