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The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) in collaboration with the School of Architecture established the undergraduate Architectural Engineering (AE) program in 2018.

The AE program is designed to meet the demand for graduates with enhanced design, collaboration, and communication skills alongside the strong analytical skills and technical applications required for the design and operation of buildings. 

As an engineering program with courses needed for accreditation by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB), the analytical and scientific depth of AE students is the same as other engineering programs - specifically, Civil Engineering.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

WalterFedy AE Design Days 2022

The WalterFedy AE Design Days 2022 event was held during Orientation Week for new Architectural Engineering students on September 7th-9th. The class of 2027 was divided into groups and challenged with the design and construction of a piece, or set, of outdoor furniture suited for a selected site on the University of Waterloo campus.

Maria Stakheiko, 4th year Architectural Engineering student, was chosen for the Ontario Building Envelope Council’s Undergraduate Scholarship Award.
Maria, who had reference/faculty sponsorship from Dr. John Straube (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the School of Architecture), receieved a scholarship that includes a year membership to OBEC and a mentor for the year, along with a monetary prize.

Maria's announcment on LinkedIn:

"Earlier this summer I was honoured and humbled to have been chosen for the Ontario Building Envelope Council’s Undergraduate Scholarship Award. Thank you Ontario Building Envelope Council for your generosity, and I am very excited for all of the opportunities and mentorship that this award provides!"