Faculty Transfer to Architecture

If you are enrolled in a University of Waterloo faculty but want to transfer to the School of Architecture, this page is for you. If you are a student currently enrolled within the Faculty of Engineering wanting to change your academic plan, please speak to your current academic advisor about a plan modification. If you are an Architecture student interested in transferring to another faculty, refer to the Registrar's Office Transferring Faculties page.

Students who have already completed an Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo who wish to apply to Architecture should speak with one of the Academic Service Coordinators (ASC) at the School of Architecture for next steps. If you have a University of Waterloo degree from another faculty, please refer to the Transferring Faculty process to understand requirements and submit a Readmission form after consulting with an ASC at the School of Architecture.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to transfer to Architecture, there are minimum requirements and things to consider before transferring.

First Steps:

  • Consult with your current academic advisor to discuss options available.
  • Consult with a career advisor at the Centre for Career Action to discuss future career planning and to make sure Architecture is right for you.
  • Consult with the Faculty Transfer advisor in the Faculty of Engineering before filling out or submitting any forms.  
  • For more information reach out to the ASC in Architecture via archinfo@uwaterloo.ca indicating your interest in transferring to Architecture. 

Deadlines and Forms:


Once the form is received, it will be processed and will be considered alongside the pool of applicants for the School of Architecture. Architecture admissions is a competitive process; high school transcripts will be reviewed to ensure you have the required courses and that high school grades are competitive against the application pool, in addition, a minimum 75% average in university grades is required. In mid-March, all applicants will be notified as to whether they are being invited to the second stage, at that time you will be invited to participate in an interview or video presentation, submit a portfolio and complete an English precis-writing exercise. 

A successful applicant would start in Year One Term One (1A) of the Architecture program and would not be granted advanced standing. The curriculum builds on each semester, beginning in 1A, a successful transfer applicant would be considered for a maximum of three 0.50 transfer credits.