News archive - October 2019

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Counselling Service Review 2019

As per Recommendation #27 (Review Staffing Practices and Plans) of the PAC-SMH, Counselling Services has undergone an external review. The external review was to determine whether a recent reorganization, as well as the existing on-call system has achieved its purpose. Download a summary of the results here (pdf).

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Importance of Community in the Workplace

people crafting

With the demands of work, creating and maintaining a resilient community within the workplace can be a challenge.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Important Safety Information for Epipen

Pfizer Canada is advising individuals "of very rare occurrences of EpiPen® (0.3 mg) and EpiPen Jr® (0.15 mg) auto-injector devices not easily sliding out of their plastic carrier tube." If you have one of these devices we encourage you to follow up with the dispensing pharmacy.

According to the announcement: "delayed or no treatment could lead to worsened patient condition, including possible fatal outcome. Consumers need to check their device now to confirm that it can be removed from the carrier tube with ease."

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Health Canada requests that companies stop distributing ranitidine drugs while it assesses potential health risks

Health Canada has announced that at its request, the distribution of ranitidine drugs, which are used to treat heartburn – by prescription and over the counter – be stopped while Health Canada assesses a potential health risk. Students who use this drug are advised to consult with a pharmacist. For more information, visit Health Canada’s website.

Friday, October 4, 2019

2019 flu vaccination clinic dates now available

tissue box in clinic

The change of seasons often brings an influenza outbreak. Although influenza activity generally peaks around January, it takes the body about two weeks after vaccination to develop antibodies that will protect against influenza virus infection. For that reason, it's important to get vaccinated before the seasonal outbreak, especially if you fall into the high risk category. 

Students, staff, faculty, and community members are invited to get their influenza vaccination through Health Services at one of the following dates:

  1. 2021 (6)
    1. May (1)
    2. April (1)
    3. March (2)
    4. January (2)
  2. 2020 (30)
    1. December (4)
    2. November (4)
    3. October (5)
    4. September (2)
    5. August (1)
    6. July (6)
    7. May (2)
    8. March (1)
    9. January (5)
  3. 2019 (18)
    1. December (2)
    2. October (5)
    3. September (1)
    4. August (1)
    5. July (1)
    6. June (1)
    7. May (2)
    8. April (3)
    9. March (1)
    10. January (1)
  4. 2018 (1)
  5. 2017 (3)