Catalyst Summer Program Application

Catalyst Summer Program Online Applications are now closed for Summer 2022. We appreciate your patience in our response as we evaluate applications. 

For 2022, you will need:

  • A completed online form (available through the apply now button below)
  • A teacher reference (you will be asked to provide their contact info in the online form so we may send them steps to complete their reference)
  • Personal Interest Application (can be uploaded along with the online form or sent separately via email)**

**The Personal Interest Application is a creative way to express your interest in this program. Be as creative as you like with it.  Video, audio, artwork, letter, etc... the format is up to you! You can tell us about:

  • Yourself and your interest in science, engineering, and leadership
  • Why you want to come to the Catalyst Summer Program
  • What you can contribute to the program
  • Your accomplishments, they can be academic, community, athletics or creative. (Why and how are you awesome?)

We recommend focusing your application on creatively showing your interests and why you want to be a part of the program so we can get a better idea of you!

Please ensure that you name all files clearly so the whole package can be kept together.

ex: Jane-Smith-Catalyst-Summer-Personal-Interest-app

As a reminder, applications will not be considered complete for evaluation until we have received all three components. It is the responsibility of the applicant to mae sure we receive all parts of the application.