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Code Squad Conference

Code Squad Conference will occur March 12-15*, 2017

*dates may coincide with some school boards' March Break

The conference is the highlight event for grade 10 girls. This close-knit community of like-minded individuals will work together to expand their knowledge of computer science and software development. The Welcome Package is a summary of this event, with details for those who were successful with their applications. 

What to expect

Girl working with circuit boards.This conference is a 4 day, action-packed with workshops, mentors, workplace visits, and fun outings. 

Workshops: Expand your computational thinking skills through hands-on workshops. Learn more about app development, hardware, data processing, and prototyping. 

Field trips: Meet local experts and find out how computer science has made a difference in their lives. Discover the variety of careers, the amazing things software engineers do each day!

Overnight accommodations: The fun doesn't have to stop because the sun has gone down! Yummy meals, recreational activities, and a place to stay (supervised hotel accommodation) are all included! 


This conference has a limited capacity. For this reason we require an application to be completed and submitted for acceptance.

Applications are now open!

Successful applicants will be asked to pay a $200 registration fee. Bursaries are available. Find out more about fees

Girls learning Arduino

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