Our vision


To improve the overall health of individuals in the community through innovative research, education, and outreach programs.

Mission statement

At CCCARE, we promote healthy lifestyle choices across the lifespan with an aim to prevent and manage disease and health conditions through research, health programs and education. We uniquely integrate research and community outreach programs in diverse disciplines to better understand health concerns and to promote healthier outcomes. Our multidisciplinary team of researchers, clinical experts and staff come together as a team and strive toward solutions that improve health, the ability to perform daily activities and overall quality of life. We, in turn, listen to and learn from our community participants at CCCARE to continually optimize our programs.

Who we are

We are a team that:

  1. Uses diverse research tools to study the effects of disease, nutrition, and/or exercise on human health by integrating basic science, technology, clinical tools and applied health concepts.

  2. Educates community-dwelling individuals on the prevention and management of chronic disease primarily through exercise and nutrition.

  3. Advances clinical and research practice by hosting academic training workshops, which integrate expertise from various facets of human health (including nutrition, exercise, neuromechanics, physiology and other biosciences).

  4. Translates research into practice and applies new knowledge to enhance and promote community and clinical programs and outreach using engaging application tools such as educational events (i.e. workshops, seminars, conferences and consultations).

  5. Provides an opportunity for the community to participate in innovative research initiatives, which will enhance program delivery through the synthesis of new evidence-based research findings. Co-ordinates research, non-academic partnerships and community activities with related clinical practices.

  6. Disseminates knowledge to partners and collaborators with the intent of enhancing client care through education and program delivery both locally and globally.