How to do research at CCCARE

The Centre for Community, Clinical and Applied Research Excellence (CCCARE) has developed infrastructure and procedures to facilitate a wide range of research. If you are interested in conducting research at CCCARE and are an investigator or collaborator within the Department of Kinesiology, please follow these simple steps:

Before you get started

  1. Contact CCCARE to inform us of your research interests.
  2. An investigator or collaborator from the Department of Kinesiology must complete the CCCARE facility use research form.
  3. Application will be reviewed to determine if any clarifications are needed regarding equipment needs, space, etc.
  4. Review policies, procedures and standard operating procedures to obtain required training and required certifications.
  5. Provide office of research ethics clearance to CCCARE operations manager.
  6. Review booking and scheduling procedures with CCCARE operations manager.
  7. You are ready to begin.

Data collection at CCCARE

  1. While using the CCCARE facilities, you will be expected to attend monthly CCCARE facility meetings.
  2. Participate in monthly scorecard tracking.
  3. Inform CCCARE operations manager of any study revisions, adverse events or modifications.

At the end of your study

  1. Notify CCCARE operations manager.
  2. Return borrowed equipment and supplies.
  3. Remove equipment and supplies belonging to your study team that had resided at CCCARE during your data collection.