UW WELL-FIT cancer exercise programs

Navigating through the medical vortex of cancer was crazy but my number one goal was to stay focused on a positive outcome. From my first call to UW WELL-FIT, I knew I was in excellent hands.

UW WELL-FIT participant

What is UW WELL-FIT?

UW WELL-FIT is a portfolio of evidence based exercise programs for individuals who are currently or have previously undergone treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, surgery) for various types of cancers. Since its inception in 2002, UW WELL-FIT has helped over 2000 individuals in the Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding communities improve their quality of life through participation in supervised exercise.

The UW WELL-FIT portfolio is comprised of the following programs:

  • START-FIT - 12 week program focused on restoring and improving the physiological well-being of individuals on chemotherapy, radiation or hormonal therapy treatment
  • STAY-FIT - extension for those who have completed START-FIT

The programs offered within the UW WELL-FIT portfolio are part of a comprehensive cancer recovery strategy and serve as a model for organizations interested in starting an exercise program for individuals undergoing treatment for cancer.

For all UW WELL-FIT inquiries please contact our Fitness staff.

UW WELL-FIT has helped more than 2,000 participants in their battle with cancer. Support UW WELL-FIT to help us expand and continue the fight.