There are diverse research studies that are currently underway at CCCARE. Participating in research is an essential part of advancing our knowledge and developing comprehensive programs here at CCCARE and in other communities. Our research teams passionately strive to better understand human health and illness.

Our ultimate goal is to promote health, using technology and our expertise, regardless of your current health status. We uniquely integrate the distinct disciplines such as nutrition, neuroscience, biomechanics, and physiology to advance our understanding of clinical conditions and use innovative interventions that may include exercise and nutrition to prevent, manage or eliminate an illness or health condition.

To succeed and advance our knowledge, we encourage you to join our team and participate in our studies to move forward in our quest for knowledge and development of more comprehensive programs.

We encourage you to browse our research pages to inquire about current or past studies.

We welcome new and past investigators to conduct research at the Centre for Community, Clinical and Applied Research Excellence (CCCARE). While we are happy to review research applications from faculty members outside of the Department of Kinesiology whose research aligns with our vision, we require a collaborator on your proposal to be from the Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences. This person will have responsibility for arranging access and making sure appropriate staff and procedures for use of the facility and equipment. If you are interested in conducting research at CCCARE, we have developed a process to help you navigate through a few simple steps. The first step is to contact us to inform us of your interest and complete the researcher facility use form.

If you have any questions, about the process, please contact us.