Faculty of Health Open Gym

Manulife Wellness Centre Open Gym is only available to faculty members and staff in the Faculty of Health.

As one of the Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences’ initiatives is to promote a healthy lifestyle and wellness at work, CCCARE is providing "open gym times" within the Manulife Wellness Centre. Participants participating during the specified times will exercise independently, without any supervision or guidance from UW Fitness staff

A consent form must be signed before participating. Please contact fitness staff to request a copy of the consent form.

Open Gym weekly schedule









1:00pm-2:00pm 1:00pm-2:00pm

* Note: There will be times sporadically throughout the year when the gym will not be available due to testing or events in our facility. When this occurs, we will do our best to post notices or email in advance. 

Manulife Wellness Centre Open Gym guidelines for use

  • Please enter the Manulife Wellness Centre (MWC) through the doors in the foyer of the Lyle Hallman Institute. 
  • Please sign in each time you use the facility (sign in book will be placed on the table beside the water cooler).
  • There are only 3-6 lockers within each change room as well as 6-10 lockers in the gym, and 3 showers in the women’s and one in the men’s' change room, with an additional shower located in the single bathroom.  We are not responsible for items left in lockers, and therefore recommend bringing a lock if you choose to lock up your belongings (and there happens to be an available locker).  There are also many lockers available in the gym you are welcome to use during your workout to store your belongings.
  • The water cooler is available for water bottle re-fills.  Please avoid using the paper cups unless absolutely necessary, and please bring your own bottles!
  • If you are sick or have anything infectious, please avoid use of the facilities entirely!  There is hand sanitizer available for your use, and should be used after coughing/sneezing, even if you do not feel sick at the time.
  • Ensure you have your phone close by in case of emergency. The gym is equipped with an AED and there is a fitness staff member in office 1607 who can assist.

Open Gym etiquette

  • Please spend a maximum of 20 minutes on each piece of cardio equipment when there are other people waiting to use the equipment.
  • While working with the weight machines, please let others work in with you in between sets.
  • If you are using the bench press or squat rack, please take off any plates that you have put on and put them back on the rack.
  • Please place free weights back on the racks according to their labelled weight.
  • Please place stability balls back in the white rack after use, and return mats to their storage location.
  • All handles required for either of the pulley machines can be found hanging on the machines. 

Open Gym cleaning procedures

  • Please wipe off all cardio and weight equipment, as well as mats and balls if needed, with the certainty wipes.  
  • There are certainty wipe dispensers placed in various locations around the gym. Please take one of the pre-moistened wipes at a time. Notify UW Fitness Staff if any of the dispensers are empty.
  • You may want to bring your own face towel to the gym to absorb sweat when exercising and prevent dripping on equipment.