Peggy Simon - my story

Navigating through the medical vortex of cancer was crazy but my number one goal was to stay focused on a positive outcome. From my first call to UW WELL-FIT, I knew I was in excellent hands.

Worn out from abdominal surgery, chemotherapy, and the whole business of cancer, my fitness level was low but with each workout I found myself gaining greater strength, flexibility, stamina, and energy. I began to feel like myself again but now I was a much stronger version. The staff at UW WELL-FIT empowered me to work toward greater health and wellness, even in the face of cancer.

I have recently returned to work and am very grateful this program was available to me at the most challenging time of my life. UW WELL-FIT has played an instrumental role in helping me get back into the ebb and flow of “normal” life again. I count this among the multitude of gifts I have received since being diagnosed with cancer.