Evercloak Inc., a start-up co-founded by Chemical Engineering Professor Michael Pope has secured $2 million in funding to expand the production of its energy-efficient building cooling membranes. Evercloak, a Velocity-based company, aims to significantly reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions associated with building cooling.

Pope, Director of the 2D Materials and Electrochemical Devices Lab co-launched Evercloak with University of Waterloo alumna and now Evercloak’s CEO Evelyn Allen, based on innovative technology that he and his team designed in 2015.  Pope, Evercloak’s Chief Scientific Officer, utilizes 2D nanofilms to improve energy cooling systems thereby increasing their efficiency and sustainability. 

Evercloak has developed a method of producing graphene composite membranes on a large scale. This has made the previously theoretical possibility of dehumidification through membranes a practical and viable commercial option. In the summer of 2023, two demonstration units were field-tested and performed well. The company is now getting ready to introduce this innovative solution to the market.

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