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Nasser Abukhdeir

Associate Professor

Contact InformationNasser Abukhdeir

Phone: 519-888-4567 x31306
Location: E6 3016


Biography Summary

Our research group is focused on both industrial and fundamental research on processes involving soft matter, complex fluids, multiphase flow, and phase transition. Our research is based upon theory and computational methods that are able to capture industrially relevant conditions including multiphysics, complex geometries, and other phenomena.

Research Interests

  • Dynamics Of Liquid Crystal Domains
  • Reacting Multiphase Flows​
  • Computational Methods In Engineering
  • Nanotechnology


  • 2010, Doctorate, Chemical Engineering, McGill University
  • 2002, Bachelor of Science (BSc), Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
  • 2002, Master of Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
  • 2002, Bachelor of Science (BSc), Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University


  • NE 318 - Continuum Mechanics for Nanotechnology Engineering
  • NE 336 - Micro and Nanosystem Computer-aided Design
  • NE 111 - Introduction to Engineering Computing
  • CHE 725 - Research Topics in Analysis of Chemical Processes

Selected/Recent Publications

  • Fu, Fred and Abukhdeir, Nasser Mohieddin, Formation and field-driven dynamics of nematic spheroids, Soft matter, 13(28), 2017, 4890 - 4902
  • Han, Yining and Bizmark, Navid and Abukhdeir, Nasser Mohieddin and Ioannidis, Marios A, Dynamics of ethyl cellulose nanoparticle self-assembly at the interface of a nematic liquid crystal droplet, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19(36), 2017, 24955 - 24960
  • Neufeld, Ryan Alexander Epp and Shahsavan, Hamed and Zhao, Boxin and Abukhdeir, Nasser Mohieddin, Simulation-based design of thermally-driven actuators using liquid crystal elastomers, Liquid Crystals, 2017, 1 - 13
  • Fu, Fred and Abukhdeir, Nasser Mohieddin, Chiral symmetry-breaking dynamics in the phase transformation of nematic droplets, Liquid Crystals, 2017, 1 - 6
  • Mowla, Amir and Treeratanaphitak, Tanyakarn and Budman, Hector M and Abukhdeir, Nasser Mohieddin and Ioannidis, Marios A, A meta-analysis of empirical correlations for average gas hold-up in three-phase fluidized beds, Powder Technology, 301, 2016, 590 - 595
  • Abukhdeir, Nasser Mohieddin, Computational characterization of ordered nanostructured surfaces, Materials Research Express, 3(8), 2016
  • Abukhdeir, Nasser Mohieddin, Nematic phase transition and texture dynamics, Liquid Crystals, 43(13-15), 2016, 2300 - 2319
  • Dong, Jianjin and Goldthorpe, Irene A and Abukhdeir, Nasser Mohieddin, Automated quantification of one-dimensional nanostructure alignment on surfaces, Nanotechnology, 27(23), 2016