Thomas Duever

Dean of Engineering, Ryerson University

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Biography Summary

Dr. Tom Duever is a highly respected senior academic administrator and accomplished researcher who joins Ryerson University from the University of Waterloo. During his nine-year tenure as chair of Waterloo’s Department of Chemical Engineering, Dr. Duever led the department toward unprecedented growth and championed initiatives which contributed to the international reputation of both the department and faculty. He was instrumental in the creation of the multidisciplinary nanotechnology undergraduate program, and also negotiated the establishment of Waterloo’s Dubai campus in the United Arab Emirates and its associated chemical engineering program. Dr. Duever also oversaw the creation and realization of ‘E6’ – Waterloo’s dedicated, 5,400-square-metre state-of-the art chemical engineering research building – and the move of faculty members into Waterloo’s renowned Quantum Nano Centre.

As an internationally recognized researcher, Dr. Duever has more than 70 articles in journals and conference proceedings to his credit. He is a prolific presenter who has shared his research findings and his insights on chemical engineering at more than 80 conferences, lectures and seminars worldwide. He has also supervised the research projects of more than 30 graduate students.

Dr. Duever is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario, and a fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada. He previously served as chair of the Association of Canadian Chairs of Chemical Engineering. He holds PhD, master’s and bachelor degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Research Interests

  • Statistical modelling and analysis
  • Experimental Design
  • Model discrimination
  • Polymer reaction engineering
  • Process systems engineering
  • Fault detection
  • Product development


  • 1987, Doctorate, Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo
  • 1983, Master's, MASc, University of Waterloo
  • 1982, Bachelor's, Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo

Selected/Recent Publications

  • Scott, Alison J, Duever, Thomas A and Penlidis, Alexander, The Role of pH, Ionic Strength and Monomer Concentration on the Terpolymerization of 2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropane Sulfonic Acid, Acrylamide and Acrylic Acid, Polymer, 177, 2019, 214 - 230
  • Design of Optimal Experiments for Terpolymerization Reactivity Ratio Estimation
  • J.J. Jitjareonchai, P.M. Reilly, T.A. Duever and D.B. Chambers, Parameter Estimation in the Error-in-Variables Model Using the Gibbs Sampler, Can.J.Chem.Eng., 84(1), 2006, 125 - 138
  • Production of polyolefins with controlled long chain branching and molecular weight distributions using mixed metallocene catalysts
  • A study of the influence of impurities when discriminating between the terminal and penultimate copolymerization models
  • Combined metallocene catalysts: an efficient technique to manipulate long-chain branching frequency of polyethylene

Graduate Studies