Computer Accounts

All faculty, staff and registered students are given Waterloo Identity Access Management (WatIAM) accounts automatically by human resources at the time of employment or by the registrar's office upon payment of tuition fees. This WatIAM account automatically generates a Waterloo Nexus account which provides you with access to Nexus workstations, licensed software applications, personal storage and web space. The credentials, account name and password, for this account are used for access to all services on campus including email, public and group printers, shared file services, wireless network connectivity, student information, teaching course management and much more.

If you are not employed/paid by the University of Waterloo or registered as a student you are considered a visitor. Visitors include post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars and exchange students. These individuals must visit Dennis Herman in Engineering 6 (E6) 2002 to obtain a WatIAM account. Please ensure that you have your letter of acceptance and have visited Elizabeth Bevan in E6 3032 to obtain your office location and contact information before making an appointment to obtain a WatIAM account.

Manage your account

To manage your account visit the WatIAM website. There you are able to set/reset your password, activate/reactivate your account and change your location and contact information including your forwarding email address by editing your profile.

Account Duration

Accounts are kept active for 1 year after you leave the university. They can be reactivated if you return at a later date.

All Alumni are given an email account on to use in perpetuity.

Nexus User's Guide - a detailed guide to the Waterloo Nexus network including policies, how to get help, logging in, Windows 2000/XP, networking, printing, remote communications and problems.