Equipment for graduate students and faculty/staff members

Loaning Equipment

Borrowing computing equipment

For temporary use of particular computer equipment (e.g. USB-C to HDMI, laptop mouse, hard drive) please fill out the sign out form located at the front desk in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Information Technology (CEE-IT) staff office.

Purchasing equipment

We will provide full support for the systems purchased through Civil and Environmental Engineering Information Technology. If systems are purchased outside of the specifications, we can only provide limited support and must charge required service at an hourly rate. Each person/group has varying needs to meet their specific requirements.  We recognize that these needs change as dynamically as industry product technology, availability and vendor stock.  Please contact us to discuss which system will best suit your needs, get a quotation, and proceed with a purchase.

For personally owned systems, please contact the service desks for repair or other hardware services.

Graduate students' purchase requests have to be approved by their supervisor.

Research computing

Server rooms

The server rooms are to be used for research purposes only and can be used by professors and their graduate students. Currently, there are two server rooms in the Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) department. One is located in Engineering 2 (E2) building and another in Douglas Wright Engineering (DWE) building.