How can we help? 

Technology plays a major role in your undergraduate career in the Civil and Environmental Engineer (CEE) Department at the University of Waterloo, we are here to support you with that. We, the CEE Information Technology (IT) team, provide you the following:  

  • Computer labs – There are numerous computer systems available to use that contain software that you may find useful.

  • Software acquisition – We can help you acquire software that you require for school work.  

  • Software help – should there be software issues you come across, we can provide troubleshooting and general help.  

  • Webspace – If you would like webspace for a university-related initiative (such as a design team, etc.) then we may be able to offer that. 

How to get help?

Here are two possible options for you to get help:  

  • Making a ticket which we will hopefully follow up with you shortly thereafter 
  • Visiting us at our office in the Engineering 2 building room 2341 (E2 - 2341).