TV Carts

What are they?

The TV Carts are mobile TVs that can be used to display content from a laptop on a larger screen. This may be useful for presentations, online meetings, and more.

The carts come with a power bar, camera, HDMI cable, and VGA cable. They may either come with a TV remote or power on automatically when plugged in.

TV Cart
TV Cart Items

Setting up the TV Cart

Please note: The TV Carts should be lowered as much as possible before moving. Use the handles where possible when moving the TV Carts.

  1. Place the cart in a position where it can be viewed by all.
  2. Plug in the power bar to an outlet, plug in required cables into the power bar and ensure that the bar is powered on.
  3. Connect your laptop either through HDMI or VGA and place it on the stand.
  4. Change the source of the TV to the appropriate option depending on how you connected your laptop.
  5. Plug in the webcam cable into your laptop if desired.

How to book a TV Cart

You can book a TV Cart by filling out an IT Request Form. Please let us know the date and time you wish to book the TV Cart. Civil and Environmental Engineering IT will reach out to confirm the booking once we have verified its availability.