Microsoft Surface Hubs

Microsoft Surface Hubs are an interactive computing tool that can help with presentations, meetings, and classes. Available apps on the Hub include Whiteboard, Teams, Skype, Office 365 apps, and more. Each Hub comes with a camera, stylus, and keyboard, all of which are stored in the steel-case shell. The Hubs also have a microphone and audio output. The audio output can be adjusted using the longer button under the screen, on the bottom right.

Surface Hub
Surface Hub Pen and Keyboard
Surface Hub Buttons

How to use the Surface Hub

To power on the Hub, plug the power cord into an outlet and hold the power button until the Microsoft logo appears on the screen. You will be brought to the main menu where you can view the availability of the Hub, begin a call through Teams, open Whiteboard, or connect to other devices.

Surface Hub Main Menu

To access other apps, press the Windows button on the bottom of the screen. 

Surface Hub Other Apps

When you are done using the Hub, press the "End Session" option at the bottom of the screen and confirm to end the session. Afterwards, the Hub will get ready for the next user.

Surface Hub End Session

Additional Information

For more information on the basics of the Hub, see our instructional videos on Microsoft Stream using the links below.

Please note, you must sign in to your University of Waterloo account prior to accessing the videos.

A detailed guide that explains more can be downloaded at the following link: Surface Hub End-User Help Guide (PDF).

Surface Hub training videos on Microsoft's website are available on how to use the Hub for specific purposes.

How to book a Surface Hub

You can book one of the five Surface Hubs by filling out an IT Request Form. Please let us know the date and time you wish to book a Surface Hub. CEE-IT will reach out to confirm the booking once we have verified its availability.