How can we help? 

During the course of your graduate career, you may need some technical assistance. There are many ways we can provide assistance to you such as:  

Borrowing equipment – If you require technical equipment to assist you in your tasks, there is a high probability that we own it, and we would be happy to loan it out to you.  

Full support for University-related devices – If you have a device owned by the University, we provide full technical support for it.  

Technical issues in office space – If there are technical issues in your office space (such as network set up, etc.), we may be able to help.  

Server request – If you require a server, you will need the permission of your supervisor.  

Hardware acquisition – With the permission of your supervisor, we may be able to acquire hardware for you.   

Software request – If there is software that you need to carry out a University-related task, we can possibly assist you in acquiring it.  

Priniting - Visit the printing page to learn more about how you can print on campus. 

How to get help?

Here are two possible options for you to get help:  

  • Making a ticket which we will hopefully follow up with you shortly thereafter. 
  • Visiting us at our office in Engineering 2 building room 2341 (E2 - 2341).