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  1. June 22, 2020Congratulations Class of 2020

    Hello Class of 2020! Please see the following message from Prof. Carl Haas, Chair.
    “So you are done now, and you will be moving on to new things, but first take time to celebrate. Congratulations!”

    Below are 2 videos for messages from Department faculty and staff. Enjoy your special day and the virtual Convocation ceremony on Saturday.

    A special message to the Spring 2020 graduates!


  2. Jan. 26, 2021Congratulations Lei Xu the Co-recipient of CSCS Grand Prize Award
    Prof. Lei Xu

    This is a very prestigious award for large and long term research projects which have made a significant contribution to the technological advancement related to steel structures.

  3. Jan. 21, 2021JuHyeong Ryu and Omar Sadab Chowdhury named GRADflix finalists

    JuHyeong Ryu and Omar Sadab Chowdhury from the Civil Environmental Engineering Department have been named GRADflix finalists and will be featured at the GRADflix 2021 Showcase on Friday, January 29!

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