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  1. Mar. 4, 2021Researchers win federal backing for water, battery projects

    Two researchers at Waterloo Engineering are co-leaders of projects announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week as the recipients of more than $5.6 million in infrastructure funding from the federal government.

  2. Feb. 22, 2021Two UW Civil and Environmental Engineering students winning AGU OSPA award the same year

    Two UW Civil & Environmental engineering students Robert Chlumsky and Danyka Byrnes earned the Outstanding student presentation award for the hydrology section at the annual American Geophysical Union Fall meeting, which typically has 25,000+ participants. Read the Twitter thread here.


  3. Jan. 28, 2021Nandita Basu selected for sustainability leadership program
    Nandita Basu

    A professor at Waterloo Engineering has been named a fellow of an international organization that fosters leadership and collaboration among leading environmental researchers. Nandita Basu, a professor of civil and environmental engineering, and earth and environmental sciences, is one of 21 sustainability scientists selected from across North America for the 2021 cohort of the Earth Leadership Program (ELP).

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  1. Mar. 22, 2021World Water Day 2021
    UN World Water Day March 22. Why is water important to you? Learn more at www.worldwaterday.org

    Join the Water Institute for an interactive event exploring what water means to different people, its true value, and how we can better protect this vital resource together.

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