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We are one of the largest combined departments of civil, environmental, geological and architectural engineering in Canada and our community of innovative, engaged students, staff and faculty is more than 1,000 strong.

There’s a lot we’re proud of here, and whether you’re a future or current undergraduate student, interested in graduate studies or just curious about our department, we invite you to explore our programs, research and other information on this site to find out more.

  1. Feb. 20, 2020Grad student to advance research with scholarship
    Michelle Liu

    An engineering master’s candidate has been awarded one of two scholarships awarded to civil engineering students in Ontario. Michelle Liu was honoured with a $2,500 Manuel Fine scholarship from the Deep Foundations Institute’s (DFI’s) educational trust. While working on her undergraduate degree in civil engineering at the University of Waterloo, Liu became interested in the environmental challenges faced in northern communities.

  2. Feb. 14, 2020ENVE student explores predatory oysters during international co-op

    Calvin Veenkamp, a second-year environmental engineering student spent four months wading in and out of the inter-tidal zone of the Oosterschelde near the Yerseke, a small town where the main industry is shellfish cultivation.

  3. Jan. 24, 2020Future of transit is integration, not competition

    Future of transit is integration, not competition

    Waterloo pilot project shows residents in even poorly serviced suburbs will use subsidized ridesharing to connect with municipal transit networks

    By Brian Caldwell

    Faculty of Engineering

    Integrating ridesharing with transit in poorly serviced suburban neighbourhoods is an effective way to get people out of their cars and boost ridership.

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  1. Feb. 21 to Mar. 1, 2020Call for Papers
    Call for Papers Banner

    The theme of the inaugural Canadian Design Workshop is  Designing Engineering Design Education in Canada. Participation by attendees will be in the form of podium or poster sessions, grouped by theme. Two-page abstracts are due March 1, 2020.

  2. Feb. 26, 2020Conrad Games - Challenge 2
    Past team participating in Conrad Challenge

    Invited teams of Engineering students will be competing:

    • for surprise Challenge Game theme when they arrive at E7-2317 (Conrad Hub)
    • for half-hour to earn House (Engineering Departments) points
    • for the Winter 2020 season (there are three games scheduled over lunch hour this Fall season)

    Lunch will be provided to FANS and TEAMS! But you must pre-register to attend.

  3. Feb. 27, 2020Turkstra Talks with Jill Hass
    Turkstra Talks flyer

    You are invited to the Turkstra Talks on Thursday, February 27th 12 - 1pm in E2-2350.

    The TurkstraTalks this month invites Jill Hass, the Global WASH Technical Director at Relief International. The title of her talk is "Engineering Solutions: A Community-centric Approach."

    There will be an opportunity at the end of the talk to ask questions and have some social time with our speaker. 

    Lunch will be provided.

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