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We are one of the largest combined departments of civil, environmental, geological and architectural engineering in Canada and our community of innovative, engaged students, staff and faculty is more than 1,000 strong.

There’s a lot we’re proud of here, and whether you’re a future or current undergraduate student, interested in graduate studies or just curious about our department, we invite you to explore our programs, research and other information on this site to find out more.

  1. Dec. 5, 20192A Civil Student vs. Staff/Faculty/Grad Student Fall 2019 Hockey Game Result
    Team Photo

    Last night the Waterloo CEE Staff/Faculty/Grad Student hockey team battled valiantly. However, youth ultimately triumphed and the 2A civil class team won a close fought 4-3 match. Thanks to all who participated and came to watch! The Staff/Faculty/Grad Student team is looking forward to a rematch, when the 2A class returns from coop in Spring 2020.

  2. Nov. 28, 2019Waterloo students build a bridge to their future
    Students building a bridge

    Encouraging students to consider a future in science

    WATERLOO — Elementary students are handed a few wooden blocks and told to build an arch, supervised by university students.

    The simple purpose is to teach them science. The deeper purpose is to build a future.

    Educators want students to connect careers to schooling at an earlier age. Earlier awareness helps more students graduate high school. To contiue reading this story click here.

  3. Nov. 27, 2019New Urban Engineering in Cities Website launched
    Engineers working

    To meet the needs of rapid urbanization and technologically more complex cities, the University of Waterloo has launched the Urban Engineering initiative to bring more rigorously trained engineers into leadership positions to respond to urban challenges. Nadine Ibrahim, is the Turkstra Chair in Urban Engineering creating excitement around urban engineering among students, faculty and industry.

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