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  1. June 22, 2020Congratulations Class of 2020

    Hello Class of 2020! Please see the following message from Prof. Carl Haas, Chair.
    “So you are done now, and you will be moving on to new things, but first take time to celebrate. Congratulations!”

    Below are 2 videos for messages from Department faculty and staff. Enjoy your special day and the virtual Convocation ceremony on Saturday.

    A special message to the Spring 2020 graduates!


  2. Aug. 20, 2020Overall water use isn’t reduced by summer limits
    Sara Finley is a PhD student and a water efficiency consultant.

    Researchers at Waterloo Engineering have found that outdoor watering restrictions in Canada do little to reduce overall water consumption during the summer.

  3. Aug. 19, 2020Civil Engineering capstone team wins the 2020 Magna New Mobility Award
    Capstone Revolt Group

    For the first time, a civil engineering capstone team wins the 2020 Magna New Mobility Award. This award is open to all capstone design teams in Engineering for projects demonstrating significant innovation in the area of electric vehicles and new mobility infrastructure, and includes a $2,000 prize. The team, Darren Sheh, Ivan Lau, Julia Lo, and Ruici Liu formed “Revolt Group” and proposed a Carbon Neutral Gas Station Redesign for Electric Vehicles.

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  1. Aug. 28 to Sep. 22, 2020Engineering IEW Home and Abroad Photo Contest

    We are looking for your photos for International Education Week! The Associate Dean-International Office is looking for student-submitted photos that showcase global experience - pictures of food, cities, landscapes, a photo that evokes a memory and shows the perspective you'e gained through travel, study, and/or work abroad or across Canada.

  2. Sep. 26, 2020Waterloo Engineering Class Reunion 2020
    Bus push

    The Waterloo Engineering alumni class reunion in 2020 is taking place on September 26, 2020 online.

  3. Sep. 26, 2020Economic Outlook: In the Shadows of the Pandemic

    See the legendary Professor Larry Smith deliver one of his famous addresses in this lecture about the COVID-19 crisis from an economic perspective. All are welcome to register and attend this virtual webinar.

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