Project co-led by Waterloo engineer receives water stewardship honours

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Southern Rockies Watershed Project co-led by Monica Emelko, a civil and environmental engineering professor, was awarded the 2014 Council of the Federation Excellence in Water Stewardship Award for the province of Alberta.


The award, the highest honour for water stewardship in Canada, was presented by Kyle Fawcett, Alberta’s Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. Presented annually in each province and territory across Canada, the award recognizes outstanding achievements, innovative practice and leadership in the area of water stewardship.

The Southern Rockies Watershed Project, also led by Uldis Silins from the University of Alberta, is described by an international scientific review panel as the first major effort to link climate change impacts to drinking water quality and treatability.The project documents the effects of wildfire on hydrology, water quality and stream ecology in the region.

Earlier this year, the project team, which includes Mike Stone, a Waterloo geography and environmental management professor, was awarded the prestigious Emerald Award.