About Classical Studies

Why study classical antiquity?

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Our mission is to introduce students to the fascinating world of classical and medieval times. We do this by offering courses in art, history, architecture, archaeology, daily life, science and technology, mythology, ancient religions and the beginnings of Christianity, theatre and literature, all of which may be taken in English. 

In addition we offer a full range of Greek and Latin language courses which enable students to discover what ancient and medieval people thought and wrote in their own words.

The study of classical antiquity reveals many ideas and customs that are with us today and have greatly influenced how we think and act and how our society is structured. Whether one is looking at medieval castles, Roman villas or Greek temples, Achilles, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar or Attila the Hun, the Trojan War, Roman Saturnalia or medieval fairs.

Many classes are kept small, so that there is much opportunity for useful and interesting discussion and conversation, in or out of class, with fellow students and with faculty members.

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The Classical Studies Department is located on the second floor of the ML (Modern Languages) building. Please see the campus map showing the location of the ML building.  

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