Past graduate research

Theses and Major Research Papers

Graduated students

David Stark - Religious Tourism in Roman Greece - Graduated October 2009

Victoria Vlasic - Anthropomorphism and the Buddha: Gandharan Art and its Hellenistic Context - Graduated October 2010

Deen Merrick-Braund - Mycenaean Delos: Evidence of Cultic Activity Surrounding Édifice Ac - Graduated June 2011

Evan Sharp - A Comparison of Ancient Mediterranean Metal Structural Fittings - Graduated June 2011

Ryan Hughes - Distribution of Stamped Dressel 20 Amphorae Produced at Axati in Roman Baetica: A Quantitative Study of Olive Oil Consumption Levels at Military and Civilian Sites - Graduated June 2011

Sarah Nash - Isis'-Fortuna Panthea: An Analysis of Her Representations - 
Graduated June 2011

Justin Stricker - The Education of Demea in Terence's Adelphi - Graduated October 2011

Michaela Tatu - Dacians in Roman Public Sculpture: Precedents, Context and Analysis - Graduated June 2012

Valerie Broadbent - Augustus, Egypt and Propaganda - Graduated October 2012

Lillian Wheeler - The Third Distinction of Michael Scot's Liber quattuor distinctionum: a window into the social world of astrologers in the early thirteenth century - Graduated October 2012

Andrea Barrales-Hall - Gregory of Nazianzus: carmen II. 1. 22: An Edition and Commmentary - Graduated October 2012

Laura Roncone - An Analysis of the Surface Area of the Western Empire until CE 476 - Graduated June 2013

Jonathan Shen - A Preliminary Prosopography of Rhodian Diplomatic Agents, 306-164 BCE - Graduated June 2013

Alisha Mohamed - Nabataean Painted Pottery from Wadi ath Thamad and northern Jordan - Graduated June 2013

Andrew Chaban - Strong Words and Incantations: Power, Identity and Consciousness in the Lunar Spells of the Greek Magical Papyri - Graduated October 2013

Melina Sturym - Property Law in Roman Egypt in the Light of the Papyri: Safeguarding Women's Economic Interests - Graduated October 2013

Ryan Walsh - Gallo-Roman Relations under the Early Empire - Graduated October 2013

Dan Attrell - Dionysian Semiotics: Myco-Dendrolatry and other Shamanic Motifs in the Myths and Rituals of the Phrygian Mother - Graduated October 2013

Lukas Lemcke - Imperial Transportation and Communication from the Third to the Late Fourth Century: The Golden Age of the cursus publicus - Graduated October 2013

Nizar Ghazal - Evidence for a Mycenaean Perfume Trade with the Levant - Graduated October 2013

Brittany Rykwa - Anatomical Discovery during the 3rd Century BCE - Graduated June 2014

Stacy Reda - Interregnum: Queen regency in the Seleucid Empire - Graduated October 2014

James Palmer - Roman Extraterritorial Knowledge, Contract and Identity Issues in the British Isles - Graduated October 2014

Del John Houle - Ethnic Constructions in the Seleucid Military - Graduated October 2015

Christine Davidson - Social Interpretations of Architectural Development: A spatial analysis of the Spartan acropolis - Graduated Spring 2016

Ryan Johnson - Closure in the Eclogues and the Development of Vergils's Poetic Method - Graduated Spring 2016

Andrew St. Thomas - Xenophon's Hiero - Graduated Spring 2016

Brett Bartlett - A Revised Text of Cicero's Pro Lege Manilia - Graduated Fall 2016

Augustine Dickinson - The Refutation of Magic in the Dərsanat of Zärʾa Yaʿəqob- Graduated Spring 2017

Mitch Elvidge - Seleukos IV Philopator - Graduated Spring 2017

Sarah Noble - Conformity and Surgery: Social Pressure and the Development of Cosmetic Surgery in the Ancient World - Graduated Spring 2017

Kim Hyoung - Appropriation of Polybius and Cicero in the Constitutional Theory of John Adams - Graduated Fall 2017

Geoffrey Harmsworth - The Intertextual Dynamics of Colluthus' Abduction of Helen - Graduated Fall 2018

Katerina Apokatanidis - Gender Interplay in Nonnos' Dionysiaka: the Cases of Deriads nd Aura - Graduated Fall 2018

Natasha White - (Ad)dressing Lady Hercules: Social Gender Norms and the Female Voice in Heroides IX - Graduated Fall 2019

Elise Tennant - Girls Gone Wild: A Speculative 3D Rendering of the Lesser Attalid Monument Amazonmachy - Graduated Spring 2019

Keilah Le Clair - Family Matters: Gender and Family in Senaca's Phaedra - Graduated Spring 2019

Benjamin Hennin - Violence and Gender Relations in the Ship Ecphrasis of Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica (1.130-148) - Graduated Spring 2019

Karen Englander - The Power of Belief and the Healing Inscriptions at the Epidaurian Sanctuary of Asclepius - Graduated Fall 2019

Andrew Noakes - Rejectional Integration: State Reactions to the Evolution of Dionysian Mystery Cult in Greece and Rome - Graduated Fall 2019

Tristan Price - The Chester 'Command' System c.71-96 C.E. - Graduated Fall 2019

Julia Barclay - What do we do in the Shadows:  Illuminating the Female Pederastic Tradition - Graduated Spring 2020

Matthew Coleman - Relics of Roman Identity: Antiquities Collection and Cultural Memory in the Palazzo del Bufalo, Rome, c. 1450-1600 CE - Graduated Fall 2020

Jordan Tardif - The Conversion of the Anglo-Saxon Laity, 597-798 - Graduated Winter 2021

Peter Del Rosso - Gesta Principium: A Study of the Frankish and Turkic-Syrian Field Armies at the Battle of Dorylaeum, 1097 AD- Graduated Winter 2021

Tatianna Bechal - From Wool to Warp and Weft: Approaching Ancient Greek Textile Work through Experimental Archaeology - Graduated Winter 2021

Mackenzie Pritchard - Celtic, Roman, and Everything in Between: The Evolution of the Sacred in Romano-Celtic Wales - Graduated Spring 2021

Moira Scully - The Rebirth of Rape: Tracing Ovidian Rape Motifs with Respect to Bernini's Pluto and Persephone as a Piece of Classical Reception - Graduated Fall 2021

Stone Chen - Phantoms of the Sea: Phokaian Colonies of the Far Western Mediterranean - Graduated Winter 2022

Rachel Hill - Female Sex-Workers in Rome: Agency and Self-Representation - Graduated Winter 2022

Heather Rigg - Posturing Horses: Xenophon’s Stance on Biomechanical Soundness in The Art of Horsemanship

Julia De Milliano - Leonidas on the Literary Aesthetics of a Temperate Lifestyle - Graduated Spring 2023

Virginia Gordon-Ridenour - The Demeter Dichotomy: Goddess of Life and Death - Graduated Spring 2023

Allyson Dawe - Women’s Violence: Motifs of Siege and Post-siege enslavement in Euripides’ Bacchae - Graduated Fall 2023

Mae Fernandes - Between Life and Death in Gregory Of Nazianzus's Epigrams for Nonna - Graduated Fall 2023