Classics Study Abroad - CLAS 390/695

Esther Knegt and Adrian Giorgio visited Greece as part of CLAS 390. Read about their experiences. 

This course features a combination of academic study and firsthand investigation of museums and ancient sites, normally in Greece and/or Italy. Other countries are possible, however, as past courses have gone to Turkey and any country in the Mediterranean would be viable. The course is offered in conjunction with the Department of Anthropology and usually lasts between 2 and 3 weeks. The course may be taken for either undergraduate or graduate credit and combines firsthand observation and on-site lectures from faculty, individual course work on the part of the students and the maintaining of an “academic journal” to chart the learning process of the student. Pass students have frequently discussed how transformative and unparalleled an experience these courses can be and they illustrate the department’s commitment to international experiences and learning.