No matter what area of interest you have in the ancient world – mythology, social history, material culture, Latin poetry – we can help you explore those interests further, help you gain a greater understanding of these core cultures for the western tradition, and help you learn a series of skills that you can apply out in the world.

The department of Classical Studies is a growing and vibrant community at home in the University of Waterloo, consistently voted as Canada’s top university. We believe very strongly in a comprehensive view of Classical Studies that includes all of the sub-disciplines: history, art, language, literature, and archaeology. As such the department houses experts in each of these fields, for both the ancient Greek and Roman cultures, and regularly offers a broad and wide-ranging series of courses at the undergraduate level.  By studying Classics at the University of Waterloo, you are opening yourself to a world of possibilities with dedicated teachers and researchers that can help guide you through your academic career and beyond.

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Students currently enrolled in the department are asked to take a series of courses across the sub-disciplines of Classics (history, material culture and language and literature) in order to provide a holistic understanding of the ancient cultures. You cannot understand who the ancient Greeks and Romans were without fully appreciating all aspects of their cultural production.

There are several programs offered by the department that specialize in one or more aspects of Classical studies and require greater or less command of the ancient languages, enabling the student to fully explore his or her own interests, but as a community we strongly encourage students to experience as diverse an educational experience as possible.

By the time students have reached the third and fourth years of their studies, they may begin to think about future course offerings, the possibilities of graduate school or future career opportunities.

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