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Students may select courses from the following categories to fulfill the requirements of the Classical Studies program. Please read the Degree Requirements carefully to determine the number and type of courses required.

Not all courses are offered every year. This list is also subject to change. See the Undergraduate Calendar for complete degree requirements. Students are advised to consult the Classical Studies advisors for details when they register.

Roma, Ara Pacis, particolare della processione sul lato sud

Classical Studies

100 Introduction to Classical Studies
103 Colossos - The Major Figures of Antiquity
104 Classical Mythology 
105 Introduction to Medieval Studies (same as MEDVL 105)

201 Ancient Greek Society 
202 Ancient Roman Society
205 Medieval Society (same as MEDVL 205)
210 History of Ancient Law (same as HIST 210) 
221 Archaeological Anthropology (same as ANTH 201)
230 Classical Roots of English Vocabulary
231 Survey of Greek Literature
232 Survey of Roman Literature
237 The Ancient Near East and Egypt (same as HIST 237)
241 Survey of Greek Art and Architecture (same as FINE 241)
242 Survey of Roman Art and Architecture (same as FINE 242) 
251 Greek History (same as HIST 242)
252 Roman History (same as HIST 252)
261 Great Works: Ancient and Medieval (same as PHIL 250A)

311 Women in Classical Antiquity
321 Archaeology of Complex Cultures (same as ANTH 321) 
325 Greek and Roman Religion (same as RS 315)
326 The Body, Dress, and Religion (same as RS 327)
327 Astrology and Magic
331 Advanced Studies in Ancient Literature
341 Advanced Studies in Greek Art and Architecture (same as FINE 341)
342 Advanced Studies in Roman Art and Architecture (same as FINE 342)
351 Advanced Studies in Greek History
352 Advanced Studies in Roman History 
361 History of Ancient Philosophy (same as PHIL 380)
384 Science and Technology in Ancient Greece and Rome
390 Classical Studies Abroad
395 Research Skills Training

461 Studies in Ancient Philosophy (same as PHIL 403)
485 Greco-Roman Civilization and History
486 Senior Seminar 
490A Senior Honours Thesis
490B Senior Honours Thesis
492 Directed Study

Muses Apollo


101 Introductory Latin 1
102 Introductory Latin 2

201 Intermediate Latin
202 Selection from Latin Authors

331 Advanced Studies in Latin: Prose
332 Advanced Studies in Latin: Poetry
341 Advanced Studies in Latin: Selected Topics
351 Latin Composition, Grammar and Reading
381 Medieval Latin

421 Latin Epigraphy
422 Latin Palaeography
451 Senior Latin Composition, Grammar and Reading
490 Senior Studies in Latin: Selected Topics
491 Senior Studies in Latin: Independent Study

Note:  LAT 490, 491 are topic-based courses, therefore, subject to Medieval Studies advisor's approval.

Thetis gives her son Achilles his weapons newly forged by Hephaestus, detail of an Attic black-figure hydria


101 Introductory Ancient Greek 1 
102 Introductory Ancient Greek 2
105 Introductory Modern Greek 
133 Introduction to New Testament Greek 1 (same as RS 133)
134 Introduction to New Testament Greek 2 (same as RS 134)

201 Intermediate Greek 
202 Selections from Greek Authors 
234 Hellenistic Greek (same as RS 234)

331 Advanced Studies in Greek: Prose 
332 Advanced Studies in Greek: Poetry 
341 Advanced Studies in Greek: Selected Topics 
351 Greek Composition, Grammar and Reading

421 Greek Epigraphy 
451 Senior Greek Composition, Grammar and Reading 
490 Senior Studies in Greek: Selected Topics 
491 Senior Studies in Greek: Independent Study