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Detailed program information

Applied Language Studies Program (APPLS)

Applied Language Studies is an interdisciplinary area of study for those interested in:

  • learning second or foreign languages
  • pursuing teacher's college
  • teaching abroad
  • studying Applied Linguistics at a graduate level

For more information about the APPLS program, visit Applied Language Studies at Renison College.

First year courses

  • An Introduction to Classical Studies (CLAS 100)
  • Colossos - The Major Figures of Classical Antiquity (CLAS 103)
  • Classical Mythology (CLAS 104)
  • Introduction to Medieval Studies (CLAS 105)

Examples of other courses

  • Medieval Society
  • Ancient Greek Society
  • Survey of Roman Literature
  • The Ancient Near East and Egypt
  • Astrology and Magic
  • Science and Technology of Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Women in Classical Antiquity