The department of Classical Studies maintains a vibrant and active research program among all of its faculty. Each faculty member is engaged in personal research projects, while the Waterloo Institute for Hellenistic Studies provides a forum for local, national and international research and scholarship. Please visit the Institute’s web site to view the latest research news.

You may also look at the profiles of the individual faculty members to see the kinds of research that they conduct. Faculty members will often employ students, both graduate and undergraduate, to help in their research projects, both graduate and undergraduate, so there is every possibility that you may be able to actively engage in scholarly research as a student in the department.

Research interests

  • Sheila Ager: Hellenistic History, Interstate Relations, Cleopatra, History of Thera
  • Altay Coskun: Hellenistic and Roman History, Hellenistic and Roman Galatia in Asia Minor, Citizenship and Foreigner’s Rights, Cicero
  • Riemer Faber: Greek and Latin poetry, Neo-Latin literature, Erasmus, Hellenistic Literature
  • Andrew Faulkner: Greek poetry, Early Christian literature, Imperial and Late Antique literature
  • Craig Hardiman: Hellenistic sculpture, Household decoration, Ancient aesthetics
  • David Porreca: Medieval intellectual History, Reception of the pagan Classical tradition in the Christian Middle Ages
  • Christina Vester: Greek and Roman drama, Social History, Seneca, Identity

For more specific information regarding individual faculty members' research interests and ongoing projects, please see their respective profiles.