Resources and services

General activities

The Department sponsors guest speakers and films of interest to students and trips to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. An annual Canada-wide translation contest is of extra interest to those students studying Latin and Greek. In addition, the Department publishes a classical magazine called Labyrinth to which students are encouraged to contribute. One of the benefits students experience in Classical Studies Department is that it is very hard to remain a faceless, nameless number here. Students and faculty interact on a regular basis academically, as well as in a variety of departmental social events, including our annual Wine and Cheese Gala. There is also a vibrant social lounge and a Classics library, which includes the Professor Victor J. Matthews collection of Hellenistic books, available for student use. Graduates are also welcome to join the (student-run) Classics and Medieval Studies Society.

Sites of interest

Electronic Resources for Classicists: The Second Generation 

This is a page maintained by Maria Pantelia, and is one of the best guides to Internet resources for those interested in Classics. In other words, it's an excellent place to go in order to find other places to go.

The Perseus Project 

A wonderful site that has to be seen in order to grasp the full impact. Among other things, it provides a searchable electronic data base of texts and images relevant to ancient Greece: literary works, artworks, archaeological sites, coins, etc. A personal favourite of Prof. Ager's.


Another great site. The subtitle of this one is Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World. That says it all.

ROMARCH List Home Page

A site that provides a central compendium of Internet resources on the art and archaeology of Rome and the Italian provinces. There's also a Romarch mail list (see further in the section on e-mail lists).

Classical Association of Canada Home Page

A useful site for those who want to stay in touch with what's happening in Classics in this country.


An extremely useful searchable data-base of recent (the last few years) article titles of interest to Classicists.

Classics Resources

Useful resources for the study of the Ancient World. 

Library resources

The Classical Studies Electronic Library and Resource Guide