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Language requirements

MA Language requirements

Students enrolled in the MA in Classical Studies are required to complete successfully two graduate-level language courses, one in Latin and one in Greek. Upon arrival in the program, students' readiness for graduate-level language courses is assessed by a short diagnostic evaluation in each language (which has no bearing upon grades or final results).  If a student is deemed by the language assessment committee to require further training prior to undertaking graduate level courses in either language, s/he will be placed in appropriate undergraduate-level courses as a pre-requisite.  The particulars of required supplementary language training are arranged on an individual basis in consultation with the student and his or her supervisor.

In addition, each student must pass one (1) reading exam in a language other than English, usually French, Italian, German, or Spanish. Other modern languages may fulfill this requirement, subject to approval of the student's supervisor and the departmental graduate chair, if the language is shown to be particularly relevant to the student's research interests.  These exams are two (2) hours in duration and dictionaries and grammatical aids are allowed.  They are set and graded by the relevant language department at the university.