Course offerings for upcoming year

Tentative course offerings for 2023/2024

For course descriptions, please see the Undergraduate Calendar:

Course Code Course Title Term
CLAS 100

An Introduction to Classical Studies

CLAS 103 Colossos: The Major Figures of Classical Antiquity  
CLAS 104 Classical Mythology Spring/Fall/ Winter
CLAS 105 Introduction to Medieval Studies (Cross-listed with MEDVL 105) Winter
CLAS 123 Classical Studies in Pop Culture  Winter
CLAS 201

Love, Life and Death in Greece


CLAS 202 Love, Life and Death in Rome Winter
CLAS 205 Medieval Society (Cross-listed with MDVL 205)  
CLAS 210 History of Ancient Law (Cross-listed with HIST 210/LS 235) Fall
CLAS 220 Philosophy of Friendship (Cross-listed with PHIL 220J)  
CLAS 221

Principles of Archaeology (Cross-listed with ANTH 201)

Fall, Winter
CLAS 225 Classics in Political Thought (Cross-listed with PSCI 225)  
CLAS 230 Greek and Latin Scientific Terminology  
CLAS 231 Studies in Ancient Greek Literature Winter
CLAS 232 Studies in Ancient Roman Literature  
CLAS 237 The Ancient Near East and Egypt (Cross-listed with HIST 237)  
CLAS 241 Survey of Greek Art and Architecture (Cross-listed with FINE 241) Fall
CLAS 242 Survey of Roman Art and Architecture (Cross-listed with FINE 242)  
CLAS 251

Greek History (Cross-listed with HIST 242)

CLAS 252 Roman History (Cross-listed with HIST 252) Winter
CLAS 260 Ancient Science (Cross-listed with PHIL 260/SCI 260)  
CLAS 261 Great Works: Ancient and Medieval (Cross-listed with PHIL 283) Spring, Winter
CLAS 311 Sex and Gender in the Ancient World  
CLAS 321 Archaeology of Complex Cultures (Cross-listed with ANTH 321) Winter
CLAS 325 Greek and Roman Religion (Cross-listed with RS 315) Fall
CLAS 326 The Body, Dress, and Religion (Cross-listed with RS 327/GSJ 326)  
CLAS 327 Astrology and Magic Winter
CLAS 331 Advanced Studies in Ancient Literature  
CLAS 341 Advanced Studies in Greek Art and Architecture  
CLAS 342 Advanced Studies in Roman Art and Architeture   
CLAS 351 Advanced Studies in Greek History  
CLAS 352 Advanced Studies in Roman History   
CLAS 361 History of Ancient Philosophy(Cross-listed with PHIL 380) Fall
CLAS 384 Science and Technology of Ancient Greece and Rome   
CLAS 390 Classical Studies Abroad Spring 
CLAS 461 Studies in Ancient Philosophy (Cross-listed with PHIL 403) Winter
CLAS 486 Senior Seminar  Fall/Winter
GRK 101

Introductory Ancient Greek 1 (Cross-listed with RS 101)

GRK 102 Introductory Ancient Greek 2 (Cross-listed with RS 102) Winter
GRK 105 Introductory Modern Greek  
GRK 201 Intermediate Greek (Cross-listed with RS 223) Fall
GRK 202 Selections from Greek Authors (Cross-listed with RS 224) Winter
GRK 291 Intermediate Greek: Translation and Interpretation   
GRK 331 Advanced Studies in Greek - Prose  
GRK 332

Advanced Studies in Greek - Poetry

GRK 341 Advanced Studies in Greek - Selected Topics Winter
GRK 351 Greek Composition, Grammar and Reading  
GRK 421 Greek Epigraphy  
GRK 451 Senior Greek Compositio, Grammar and Reading  
GRK 490

Advanced Studies in Greek: Selected Topics 

LAT 101

Introductory Latin 1

LAT 102 Introductory Latin 2 Winter
LAT 201

Intermediate Latin

LAT 202 Selections from Latin Authors Winter
LAT 291 Intermediate Latin: Translation and Interpretation   
LAT 331 Advanced Readings in Latin - Prose  
LAT 332 Advanced Readings in Latin - Poetry Fall
LAT 341 Advanced Studies in Latin - Selected Topics  
LAT 351 Latin Composition, Grammar and Reading  
LAT 381 Medieval Latin  
LAT 421 Latin Epigraphy  
LAT 422 Latin Palaeography  
LAT 451 Senior Latin Composition, Grammar and Reading   
LAT 490 Senior Studies in Latin Fall