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Course offerings for upcoming year

Tentative course offerings for 2017/2018

The following courses are being offered in the 2017/18 academic year.

Course Code Course Title Term
CLAS 100 An Introduction to Classical Studies Fall
CLAS 104 Classical Mythology Spring/ Winter
CLAS 105 Introduction to Medieval Studies (Cross-listed with MEDVL 105) Winter
CLAS 201 Ancient Greek Society Winter
CLAS 202 Ancient Roman Society


CLAS 210 History of Ancient Law (Cross-listed with HIST 210) Fall
CLAS 220 Philosophy of Friendship (Cross-listed with PHIL 220J) Fall
CLAS 221 Principles of Archaeology (Cross-listed with ANTH 201) Fall/Winter
CLAS 231 Survey of Greek Literature Winter
CLAS 241 Survey of Greek Art and Architecture (Cross-listed with FINE 241) Winter
CLAS 251 Greek History (Cross-listed with HIST 242) Winter
CLAS 252 Roman History (Cross-listed with HIST 252) Fall
CLAS 261 Great Works: Ancient and Medieval (Cross-listed with PHIL 283) Spring/Fall
CLAS 321 Archaeology of Complex Cultures (Cross-listed with ANTH 321) Fall
CLAS 325 Greek and Roman Religion Winter
CLAS 326 The Body, Dress, and Religion (Cross-listed with RS 327) Fall
CLAS 352 Advanced Studies in Roman History (Topic:Transformation of hte Later Roman Empire) Fall
CLAS 361 History of Ancient Philosophy (Online) (Cross-listed with PHIL 380) Fall/Winter
CLAS 384 Science and Technology of Ancient Greece and Rome Fall
CLAS 461 Studies in Ancient Philsophy (Cross-listed with PHIL 403) Winter
CLAS 486

Senior Seminar (Topic: Cleopatras)

Syllabus: Fall 2017

CLAS 486 Senior Seminar (Topic: The Art & Architecture of the Hellenistic Monarchs and its Influence) Winter
GRK 101

Introductory Ancient Greek 1

Syllabus: Fall 2017

GRK 102 Introductory Ancient Greek 2 Winter
GRK 201 Intermediate Greek Fall
GRK 202 Selections from Greek Authors Winter
GRK 332 Advanced Studies in Greek: Poetry (Topic: Hellenistic Poetry) Fall
GRK 490

Senior Studies in Greek: Selected Topics (Topic: Hellenistic Poetry)

LAT 101

Introductory Latin 1

Syllabus: Fall 2017 (001)Fall 2017 (002)

LAT 102 Introductory Latin 2 Winter
LAT 201

Intermediate Latin

Syllabus: Fall 2017

LAT 202 Selections from Latin Authors Winter
LAT 332 Advanced Readings in Latin: Poetry (Topic: Violence in Roman Drama) Winter
LAT 490 Senior Studies in Latin: Selected Topics (Topic: Violence in Roman Drama) Winter