Course offerings for upcoming year

Tentative course offerings for 2019/2020

The following courses are being offered in the 2019/20 academic year.

Course Code Course Title Term
CLAS 100

An Introduction to Classical Studies

CLAS 104 Classical Mythology Spring/Fall/ Winter
CLAS 105 Introduction to Medieval Studies (Cross-listed with MEDVL 105) Fall
CLAS 123 Classical Studies in Pop Culture Spring/Winter
CLAS 201

Ancient Greek Society


CLAS 202 Ancient Roman Society Fall
CLAS 210 History of Ancient Law (Cross-listed with HIST 210/LS 235) Fall
CLAS 221

Principles of Archaeology (Cross-listed with ANTH 201)

CLAS 230 Classical Roots of English Vocabulary Fall
CLAS 231 Studies in Ancient Greek Literature Winter
CLAS 241 Survey of Greek Art and Architecture Winter
CLAS 251

Greek History (Cross-listed with HIST 242)

CLAS 252 Roman History (Cross-listed with HIST 252) Winter
CLAS 261 Great Works: Ancient and Medieval (Cross-listed with PHIL 283) Fall/Winter
CLAS 311 Greek and Roman Religion Winter
CLAS 325 Greek and Roman Religion (Cross-listed with RS 315) Fall
CLAS 326 The Body, Dress, and Religion (Cross-listed with RS 327) Fall/Winter
CLAS 342 Advanced Studies in Roman Art and Architecture: Pompeii (Cross-listed with FINE 342) Fall
CLAS 361 History of Ancient Philosophy(Cross-listed with PHIL 380) Fall
CLAS 461

Studies in Ancient Philosophy (Cross-listed with PHIL 403)

CLAS 486 Senior Seminar (Topic: Fall- Hellenistic East in Literature, Winter - Virgins, Pirates, and Asses) Fall/Winter
GRK 101

Introductory Ancient Greek 1 (Cross-listed with RS 101)

GRK 102 Introductory Ancient Greek 2 (Cross-listed with RS 102) Winter
GRK 201 Intermediate Greek (Cross-listed with RS 223) Fall
GRK 202 Selections from Greek Authors (Cross-listed with RS 224) Winter
GRK 341

Advanced Studies in Greek - Selected Topics (Topic: From Stones to Dirty Little Books)

GRK 490

Advanced Studies in Greek: Selected Topics (Topic: From Stones to Dirty Little Books)

LAT 101

Introductory Latin 1

LAT 102 Introductory Latin 2 Winter
LAT 201

Intermediate Latin

LAT 202 Selections from Latin Authors Winter
LAT 331 Advanced Readings in Latin: Prose (Topic: Latin Paleography) Fall
LAT 422 Latin Paleography Fall